Window Cleaning

Dirty windows can become unappealing. Cleaning them can become even more of a hassle. That’s where “WASH-A-HOUSE” comes to do the dirty work. We clean and detail the windows inside and outside including glass and frames, soap up and rinse off screens, and wiping out the tracks. With the right soaps and equipment all windows are easy to clean, glass and acrylic.

A full house wash isn’t complete without window cleaning. That’s why Wash-A-House offers pure water or deionized water treatment in our exterior house
washing. It rinses spot free not leaving any chemical streaks. In addition to that we also offer a full detail cleaning in/out, screens and tracks. This is where we hand clean each window, squeegee and dry the glass, take the screens off to soap up and clean the frames and screen, and open the window to clean out the track where bugs and dirt collects. We can remove paint and years of mildew and dirt off the glass making it crystal clear.

Other then windows we also clean solar panels. To keep the highest quality and effectiveness of your solar intake you need to maintain the panels. Keeping dirt, and pollen clean off of them will insure the most return on your investment for energy efficiency.

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window cleaning the villages florida

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