Low Pressure Washing

Your home maybe the most important and expensive investment you own! That is why you want Wash-a-House to safely clean the exterior of your house! Keep up the curve appeal and maintain neighborhood standards. Dirty gutters are the first thing noticeable on a house – and they collect bugs, pollen and mildew, so annual cleaning is a good idea!

We use low pressure ( 400-1,000 psi ) on the gutters, eaves, walls, screens and around the windows for safe and effective cleaning. Also for porous non painted concrete such as driveways and walkways, high pressure is safe and effective.

When you hire Wash-A-House you get an experienced and honest company dedicated to the best quality. We are also always learning to better serve our customers.

We use a special blend of bleach and soap for each house depending on the dirtiness of the property. By using a metering system that can adjust the amount of chemicals being used.

Also, not all stains on the home is cause by mildew. In Florida, we get iron in the water or maybe your lawn spray company over sprayed on the house. This stain requires an acid base cleaner. Other stains are spores which also turns red like a iron rust stain but needs a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water. By hiring Wash-A-House for your exterior cleaning needs you will get professional and educated technicians doing the work, insuring the job gets done right the first time.