Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Glass windows:
Dirty windows can become unappealing. Cleaning them can become even more of a hassle. That’s where “WASH-A-HOUSE” comes to do the dirty work. We clean and detail the windows inside and outside including glass and frames, soap up and rinse off screens, and wiping out the tracks. With the right soaps and equipment all windows are easy to clean, glass and acrylic.

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window cleaning the villages florida

Hard Water:
In addition to dirty windows the minerals in Florida water can build up on the windows causing hard water stains, which don’t wash off with traditional cleaning. We use a professional hard water stain removal and a scrubbing pad to remove most or all the stain.

Acrylic windows need extra care, because they are sensitive. Acrylic windows need to be cleaned with a mild soap and a micro-fiber cloth to remove dirt. Normally hard water, paint spikes and other stains don’t come off due to the porous and sensitive nature of the window.

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